Take the Free Lesson

Many Swing Dance Vegas venues offer a free introductory lesson to one of the many varieties of swing dances.  If you missed the lesson this time, mark the time and join us the next week.  

Support the Bar

Swing Dance Vegas hosts swing dances and events at all types of venues, many of them for no charge.  As dancers, we are fortunate enough to have public places that allow us to dance for free and we’re able to show our appreciation through supporting the food and beverage services that many of these places offer.  Even buying a soda or bottled water shows respect and appreciation for these businesses. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Others to Dance

In swing dancing, both leads and follows ask each other to dance.  The general rule is anyone sitting around or standing near the dance floor is available to be invited, but those further away or in conversation near a bar are not.  The only real rule: Don’t Be Shy!

Sometimes a person you asked will decline your invitation to dance, and that’s okay. Swing dancing is an enjoyable social activity and everyone enjoys it in his or her own way.  If you are the one declining the invitation, know that it is considered impolite to dance with someone else during that song.

It’s Okay to Say No

Proper Dance Floor Etiquette

It’s easy to get excited and carried away by the music and dancing at a SwingDanceVegas event.  We ask that every dancer be conscious of themselves and their partners while on the floor.  With feet flying every direction, it’s very easy to accidentally collide or kick a fellow dancer.  If this happens, apologize and make sure everyone  is okay.  Then go back to dancing!

SwingDanceVegas provides a variety of classes, workshops and intensives all designed to teach the amazing vintage dances of Lindyhop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and others.  The more you learn, the better your dancing becomes!  (It needs to be noted that teaching should be reserved for classes or, at the least, away from the dance floor.  It is disrespectful to other dancers and your partner to try and teach a technique in the middle of the floor.)

Never Stop Learning

Though aerials are an integral part to the histories of the Lindy hop and the Jitterbug, they are frowned upon when done on a crowded, social dance floor.  Please save aerials for jam circles, contests, classes, or other practice environments.

No Aerials on Social Floors

It’s so important we wanted to mention it twice!  Also, don’t forget to tip your server or bartender, even if they are pouring you a free glass of water.  They are part of our swing community as well.

Support the Bar

Most importantly, swing dancing should be fun for you!  With the swinging music, the joy of partner dancing, the challenge of learning, and the camaraderie of the swing community there is no reason swing dancing shouldn’t be your all-time favorite hobby!  Why do you think we started SwingDanceVegas in the first place?!?!